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The First Step to Know Meizitang Botanical Slimming Soft Gel

Taking advantages of the first-class separation technology, Meizitang botanical slimming soft gel is made from bioactive extracts of various herbal plants. They are Xixian Cao, Job's Tears, Psyllium Husk, Artemisia Dracunculua, etc. Being proved by the majority of our customers, Meizitang diet pill has been well-received in the market of weight loss products. It is not only healthy but also safe, because it doesn't have any reported side effects until now.

  • Xixian Cao

  • Job's Tears

  • Psyllium Husk

  • Artemisia Dracunculus

Xianxian Cao – There are a lot of fibers in this herbal plant and they're very helpful for weight loss. First they generate satiety easily and make you eat less. Then they promote the gastrointestinal mobility and the secretion of digestive gland.

Job's Tears – Job's tear is a wonderful ingredient that can help clean toxins and relieve edema. Moreover, it makes it easier for you to burn fat, because it can promote metabolism as well as the water circulation in your body. However, this ingredient contains high calorie, so never eat too many!

Psyllium Husk – It's one of the hottest natural fiber supplements now! It contains rich water soluble fiber, so it can not only promote gastrointestinal mobility but also clean the toxins and smooth the defecation.

Artemisia Dracunculus – People who have poor digestive ability and a lot of love handles are highly suggested to take Meizitang, because the tarragon in this product can effectively enhance the function of your digestive system and thus help burn the fat around your waist.

The Things You Need to Know When Taking Meizitang Diet Pills!

Never exceed the dosage that suggested in the instructions. (Only 1 pill and 1 time a day, and the best time to take this product is half an hour before breakfast with a large cup of warm water. Please swallow it instead of sucking, chewing or biting.)

Never mix with other similar weight loss products or prescription drugs. And if you have achieved your fitness goals, please do not stop taking this product immediately. Instead, you can decrease the frequency of taking this product. For instance, take it every two days and then every week.

Never abandon your good habits, like following balanced diets and doing proper exercises. Even they are not good for your weight loss, they are good for your health. Always remember that Meizitang is a diet pill rather than a diet substitute.

Never take this product if you are:
-- People under the age of 18 or above 60;
-- Women in pregnancy or lactation;
-- People with all kinds of illness or disease;
-- Taking similar products or prescription drugs;

    Choose A Version Particularly for Yourself!

  • Original Version:Each Meizitang botanical slimming soft gel is green and it's clear white liquid in it. Also, there is a laser mark "MZT" on each pill. Each pack includes 36 pills (650mg*12caps*3pcs), which are enough for a month's supply. Only $19.9 for a pack, and it's one of our best sellers.
  • MSV: It's short for Meizitang Strong Version, which has been added 20% more component to help customers shorten their courses of weight loss. Each pill is green and has brown liquid in it. Moreover, it has a mark "MSV" on each pill, which is different with that of the original version. It is packed with green bottle (650mg*36capsules), and only $15.9 for each.
  • New Meizitang: Each gel is green and is marked with "MZT". There is one more constitute than the initial version, that's Cora fruit. It can burn the fat cellulite quickly and effectively, while does not cause discomfort. Moreover, the water content in the body will not be affected as well. Each pack includes 36 pills (650mg*12caps*3pcs), only $19.9 for each pack.
  • Red MSV: It is short for Red Meizitang Strong Version, which has 30% more ingredients than the normal version. It's a new version developed and launched in 2012. Each gel is brownish red and it's clear white liquid in it. There is also a mark "MSV" on each diet pill. Red MSV is packed with red bottle (650mg*36capsules), and only $19.9 for each.

Customer Feedbacks for Meizitang Pills

I was going to lose my confidence before using Meizitang botanical slimming soft gel, because I received no results even though I have tried every possible means to lose weight, diets, exercises, starving, etc. However, after taking this product, I see my hope again. Those pills do work great for me, since they make me feel neither sick nor hungry. I can go through the whole day with only a small amount of food. I have already seen some inches off my waist, really happy!

From Canada, 41 Years Old

Original weight: 242pounds

Current weight: 201 pounds

Alice Alexander

Unlike other slimming products that I have tried before, this Meizitang diet pill doesn't give me jitters or some other sick feelings. Besides, it also gives me extra energy, because I feel more concentrated on my work than before. Another fact I feel a must to mention is their super good customer service. No matter I call them on Live Chat or email them, I can always get quick reply. It's so efficient to do business with this company, highly recommend!

From USA, 37 Years Old

Original weight: 214 pounds

Current weight: 182 pounds

Laura Hall

I had a nice experience with the Meizitang Strong Version. It works a little bit faster than other slimming products I have tried before, but it keeps the same safety, because I don't feel any side effects until now. What's more importantly, I have lost nearly 30 pounds within 100 days. Most of my love handles have gone and everybody I know says I look much thinner, which made me so exciting, lol. Finally I do recommend you drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated, and also stick to this product for at least 30 days if you want to see obvious weight loss results.

From Australia, 25 Years Old

Original weight: 224 pounds

Current weight: 195 pounds

Teresa Ross

Customer Comments on Meizitang Diet Pills